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Portable Pilot Unit Training - Port Moresby

Niugini Pilots recently purchased 2 x Harbour Pilot Ruggedised system (HPR) from Navicom Dynamics. These units are Precision tool for Maritime pilots. specifically designed to assist in navigation through confine areas, as well as berthing operations. The HPR is fitted is fitted with Bluetooth or wifi radio modem to allow transfer of data between equipment and display.

Because of the sophistication of operating the two devices, Niugini Pilots have invited and hosted Mr. Peter Selwyn from Navicom Dynamics to facilitate Training for Niugini Pilots staff from 11-13th May 2016 at the Grand Papua Hotel, Port Moresby.

The training was attended by all our Marine Pilots, engineers and Admin staff so that everyone on the team is aware of the devices and it's uses.

We were also very fortunate to have the Minister of Sports & Tourism Hon. Justin Tkatchenko.


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