Niugini Pilots Limited (NPL) is a Papua New Guinean-owned Marine Pilotage company operating in various ports in Papua New Guinea. From the company’s incorporation in 2004, the company struggled to enter the pilotage market until 2012, when the market was finally free owing to the intervention on the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) of Papua New Guinea. The market was freed up largely because of the significant and tireless efforts of our Chief Pilot and Managing Director, Captain Max Taikika Stoessel.

Niugini Pilots is dedicated to operating in accordance with International Maritime Standards, focused on exceeding client’s expectations and providing safe and efficient pilotage services in PNG waters. By this, Captain Max and his management team does his best in ensuring that our Marine Pilots are knowledgeable, well-trained, experienced, licensed and sent for additional training whenever an opportunity comes through.


Our Story

Executive Summary


The shipping industry plays a vital role in the economic development of a country in the transportation of import and export, of commodities to enable trade and commerce domestically and globally.


The Shipping Industry had undergone massive transition and developments over the decades. This has given rise to extensive enhancement of the technical, operational, administrative, technological and regulatory aspects in the Shipping and Maritime business environment.

Niugini Pilots Limited has made a total commitment in conducting its business consistently with the standards of national and international shipping, and marine safety and compliance standards.


Focused on PNG Government's Export Driven Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy. Niugini Pilots Limited in its service contributes in stimulating and economic boom in the Mining, Petroleum, and Gas, Agriculture, Forest, and Fisheries sectors. Niugini Pilots Limited within the Marine Industry specializes in Marine Pilotage.


Niugini Pilots Limited has fully complied with the Internal Revenue Commission of Papua New Guinea and the Investment Promotion Authority in all taxes and Statuary compliance.

It is and "EXEMPT COMPANY" under section 171 of the companies act 1997. As such external financial report audit opinion is not mandatory.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the First-choice PNG Marine Pilotage Service Provider providing Pilotage service based on International Operational Standard that is second to none.


We are committed to:

  • Complying to International operational and performance standards with accreditation in all aspects of our operation

  • Deliver with quality to all our customers

  • To be a first-choice PNG Marine Pilotage Service Provider continuously delivering the highest standard of service that meets and exceeds clients’ expectations through objectively measured performance.

  • Also providing a dynamic Marine Pilotage Service. That is safe, environmentally conscientious, reliable, cost-effective and add significant and sustainable value to our clients’ business.

The vision is accomplished with our core values of safety, quality and integrity.


Our Mission


Our Core  mission which we are always and will always committed to, is to conduct all business activities safely to customer's satisfaction with high standard of work ethics.



  • Professionally deliver to all applicable national and international, technical, operational, and safety compliance standards and requirements.

  • Provide better employment conditions to our employees



  • Conduct all business activities safely to customers’ satisfaction.


Our Core Values





Niugini Pilots Limited's Core Values are- Compliance, Customer, Services.



Utmost priority in complying to the requirements and elements of current international standards of ISO 9001 and 14001, 18001, and International Safety Management (ISM), International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code.


We value our CUSTOMERS, and are committed to deliver to their satisfaction.


We focus on providing Service of high standard, quality, safe, reliable and efficient.