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Marine Pilotage

Around the world, many maritime countries use specialized marine pilots to navigate ships through domestic waterways. Pilots are professionally licensed mariners whose role is to board and assume the conduct of a vessel and guide it along the safest route to its port of call.

A pilot’s role is equally important as that of a captain. Although captains are experts at navigating their vessels, they are not experts on the regulations and specific environments of each port at which their vessels call. Therefore, captains require the local expertise of a marine pilot to ensure that their vessel and its crew, passengers and cargo arrive at their next port of call in a safe and efficient manner.

This is where Niugini Pilots Limited comes in!

We are proud to provide pilotage services to all ports of Papua New Guinea, with additional services such as:

  • Harbor Pilotage

  • Coastal/Reef Pilotage

  • River Pilotage

  • Ferry Services



Niugini Pilots Limited currently employs national   Marine Pilots who are licensed to pilot ships of all types and sizes in all ports of Papua New Guinea. We are in the process of recruiting additional local and international pilots.


The company focuses on subsiding pilot training    every year to ensure its pilots remain fully competent at all times.

Niugini Pilots Limited has the capacity and resources to provide pilotage in all ports in PNG. Our company is now in the process of updating its various Operational and Safety standards using qualified and renown consultants to ensure that such standards are on par with IMO safety and operational standards and requirements.


Marine Pilotage in Papua New Guinea

Marine Pilotage in Papua New Guinea is mandatory  in all ports of Papua New Guinea and is regulated by the Merchant Shipping Act. The team at Niugini Pilots Limited ensures that daily operations abide by the Merchant Shipping Act which is further monitored by the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA).

The National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) is the mandated Pilotage authority under the Merchant Shipping Act.