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Launching of MV Bobongara in Port Moresby

Niugini Pilots Limited recently added new pilot boat called MV Bobongara to it's fleet with launching in Port Moresby next to its Head Office Harbour West building.

BOBONGARA is the name bestowed to the Pilot Boat for Niugini Pilots LTD,

formally Capt. JA Gillespie. Bobongara arrived into PNG waters in August 2016. Re-furbished by Hart Marine with 2 New Cummins Engine, it is now based in Port Moresby and berthed at Curtain Brothers Ferry Jetty at Motukea.

Speech By Captain Max during launching of MV Bobongara


Distinguished Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of us at Niugini Pilots Limited, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our company's official function and to thank you for making the effort to join us.

It is our honour to be your hosts on this very special occasion and it is our sincere hope that you have a most enjoyable evening

Our company is a relatively new player on the PNG maritime scene and our decision to embark on the path we have chosen was not a light one. As many of you will appreciate, starting a new business can be fraught with uncertainty and risk and requires conviction and courage.

There were two principles that guided us in our decision to start this business:

Firstly: do what you love, and

Secondly: give people something they don't already have - in other words, improve on what has come to be accepted as norm.

We at Niugini Pilots love the maritime industry, we are enormously proud to be part of it and we know and love our area of specialization - pilotage. We are determined to provide PNG with a pilotage service that is of the highest quality and we are steadfastly focused in this goal.

To demonstrate our determination we have sought the best available assistance and advice to guide us in our journey. And to demonstrate our commitment we are making substantial investments in both our people and our infrastructure.

By way of example, our investment in this new pilot boat - which we hope is going to be the first of many - is an investment in our future. It is a demonstration of our commitment to our future. It also represents our faith in the future of PNG maritime industry and the faith we have in our own ability, as an organisation, to achieve those goals we aspire to. That is, to provide the maritime industry with a world-class pilotage service of exceptional quality. To do this, we have proudly out our money  where our mouth is.

We are proud New Guinea company. We are proud of our company. We are proud of our culture and we are proud of what we can achieve. In naming our first pilot boat, we wanted to draw attention to the riches of our culture, our people and our folklore.

We decided on the name of Bobongara which is the name given to the legendary clash of some  of the strongest currents in the world which meet in the Vitiaz Strait and flow alongside by home village and birth place of Finschhafen. Bobongara is strong and powerful. It is unique and Mariners treat it with respect. What better metaphor could we choose for what we at Niugini Pilots aspire to be?

Ladies and Gentlemen, on this pleasant evening we are introducing you to  Niugini Pilots, to our new pilot boat and to our vision to [Insert vision] 

I want to assure you that we are here for the long term and we intended to serve you  with and exceptional standard for service. We look forward to partnering you in helping to add value to your business through our commitment to excellence.

Once again, I thank you very much for making the effort to be part of this evening's celebrations. We want you to enjoy our hospitality, to have a wonderful evening and we look forward to our continuing friendship we'll into the future.


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