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Capt Max T Stoessel is a member of the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute

Making him the first Papua New Guinean and Pacific Islander, Captain Max Stoessel of Niugini Pilots continues to create more ripples. 

The 53 year-old Captain with more than 33 years’ experience is still making history becoming the only Papua New Guinean and Pacific Islander in the Pacific Region to be invited to the Pilotage and Port Logistics Conference in October (5th – 9th) in 2015.

“I have been encouraged by the Australian and New Zealand Maritine Pilot Institute to organise Marine Pilots in PNG and the Pacific region,” says Captain Max Stoessel. 

Adding that the encouragement came from Captain Simon Pelletier, President, International Marine Pilots’ Association, Captain Robert Buck – President Australasian Maritime Pilots Institute and Mr Nick Cutmore, Secretary General, International Marine Pilots’ Association. All three told Captain Max that Papua New Guinea will greatly need the service of Niugini Pilots especially with the growth in Papua New Guinea’s economy.

Member of the Legislative Assembly, Member for Klama, Parliament Secretary for the Illawarra and South Coast and Member of the Liberal Party, Gareth James Ward, BA, BCom, MAICD, JP MP with Captain Max Stoessel at the Australasian Marine Pilots Institute 2015 Pilotage & Port Logistics Conference Cocktail night at the New South Wales Parliament in Sydney, Australia on October 7th 2015.


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