Elements Of Marine Pilotage Workshop in Singapore from 27th February - 1st March 2017

Pilotage is a complex profession, often little understood by port management and ships personnel as well as the general public. This course reveal and explained in detail the many and varied disciplines that are involved in the piloting of ships.

Key Workshop Highlights are

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying varied and often complex discipline at the core of the maritime pilotage profession
2. Addressing both hard and soft skill essential to effective pilotage
3. Enhancement of existing knowledge for port managers, pilotage practitioners, aspiring pilot recuits, ship masters and officers
4. IMO resolution A960 - what is it and how it underpins the course structure
5. What is a pilot? Why an essential part of today's logistics chain?
6. Pilotage law and regulation - International and national requirements
7. The variation of piloage area types and skills sets required
8. Training regimes - the best and worse practices
9. Pilot boarding and landing - international regulations and safe operational practices
10. Planning and execution of pilotage acts including bathymetric, hydrodynamic and meteorological effects
11. Electronic navigational aids - the benefits and dangers
12. Tug types and development, towage skills and best practices
13. Port design and climate chnage implications to pilotage
14. Port managers will better understand the challenges their pilots face and gain insight into the training regimes required.
15. Ships personnel will be better equipped to understand and work with pilots with the Bridge Team environment.
16. Pilotage candidates will gain amd in-depth understanding of the pilotage profession in preparation for recruitment interviews and trainin regimes