The shipping industry

The shipping industry plays a vital role in the economic development of a country in the transportation of import and export, of commodities to enable trade and commerce domestically and globally.


The Shipping Industry had undergone massive transition and developments over the decades. This has given rise to extensive enhancement of the technical, operational, administrative, technological and regulatory aspects in the Shipping and Maritime business environment.

Niugini Pilot Limited has made a total commitment in conducting its business consistently with the standards of national and international shipping, and marine safety and compliance standards.

Business Focus

Focused on PNG Government's Export Driven Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy. Niugini Pilots Limited in its service contributes in stimulating and economic boom in the Mining, Petroleum, and Gas, Agriculture, Forest, and Fisheries sectors

Niugini Pilots Limited within the Marine Industry specialises in Marine Pilotage

Accounts, Taxation and Audit

Niugini Pilots Limited has fully complied with the Internal Revenue Commission of Papua New Guinea and the Investment Promotion Authority in all taxes and Statuary compliances.

It is and "EXEMPT COMPANY" under section 171 of the companies act 1997. As such external financial report audit opinion is not mandatory